In May 2008 the Meitar Collection published a unique book, edited by Avi Katzman in cooperation with the Am Oved Publishing House and under the patronage of the Israel Historical Society.


The book is the first attempt of its kind to show, by means of press cuttings and authentic photographs, how the press in the Land of Israel (Palestine) presented in real time depictions of controversial events (events that ignited ideological, political and cultural disputes), their layout and design underscoring the various stands: Right vs Left, secular vs observant, etc. In its 400 pages, the book shows thousands of cuttings and headlines that appeared in more than 50 types of various newspapers published from the time of the British occupation of the Palestine until recently, dealing with the "hottest" disputes this country has known and which to a great extent have helped to shape it. The book also includes articles by Prof. Bartel, Prof. Gelber and Dr. Tom Segev.


Examples of some of the 60 controversies depicted in the book: The women's vote; De Haan's murder; Arlorosov's murder; the Teheran children; the ship "Altalena"; enlisting women for military service; the schism separating the kibbutzim; reparation payments from Germany; Religion and the State; Wagner; Who is a Jew?; the Emunim Bloc; Khirbet Khizeh; Peace Now; the Shin Bet affair and the Jibril deal. The last dispute mentioned in the book is the disengagement from Gaza.